About Us
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Ms. Ray Mathew, Gold Medalist from Shahnaz Husains’ WWI Institute has been in the field of beauty care and an expert Consultant for the past 2 decades. It is more a passion and service for her than a profession to provide advice and guidance to all her clients especially for those who care for themselves in making the right and suitable choice of treatment based on skin texture, skin type and the best suited for the given climatic conditions.

This could not have been possible if not for her years of study and research to identify the most suitable and result oriented beauty care products and treatments for her valued customers. Special and tested international and branded products are carefully selected for use at all Curves & Curls outlets.

The Clinic

We have lead the way to providing beauty care and body wellness from head-to-toe under a very relaxing and soothing environment and our outlets are strategically located for easy access in the Capital city of Kerala; Thiruvananthapuram formerly known as Trivandrum.

Our Staff are highly trained professionals and dedicated to providing you high quality treatment with rejuvenating experience. We offer complete day spa experience for the busy ladies on the look-out for professional care, wanting to rejuvenate from the stress and strain of everyday life, while wanting to have every beauty and body care concerns addressed with the most advanced techniques and products and, provided by trained therapists.